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Hi! We’re Phil and Stephanie Ping. Welcome to our family-owned and operated tree service. Trees add so much beauty to our lives, but what happens when heavy winds or storms damage them? People have been trusting Ping’s Tree Service for years. And that’s why we’re thrilled that you’ve visited today! Trees are responsible for synthesizing the very air we breathe, and in that process they also clear our air of a range of toxins and contaminants. They also add immeasurably to the curb appeal of your home, and increase energy efficiency by shading your home through those long, hot summers. Caring for trees is both an art and a science, and Ping’s Tree Service has mastered both elements of that work. With our two certified arborists and a team of very experienced employees overseeing our plant health care programs, we can ensure that your trees continue to provide benefits to both your health and your quality of life for years and years to come. We service both residential and commercial customers, so call (317) 298-8482 now for a free estimate on your tree removal or plant health care needs.

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