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Ping's can beautify your lawn and landscape.
Tree pruning provides a variety of health and aesthetic benefits.
No tree removal job is too big or complicated for Ping’s Tree Service.
Protect your ash trees NOW from the emerald ash borer.
You enjoy the view trees provide, we work hard to protect them.
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Our arborists don't merely provide tree care service - they are dedicated and passionate professional tree care experts. Each of our arborists has extensive experience inspecting trees and landscapes and diagnosing problems.

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Tree pruning is helpful to reduce the risk of branch failure, provide needed clearance, encourage proper shading, improve views, enhance flower and fruit production, and maintain overall health of the tree. Trust your tree pruning to the experts at Ping’s.

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Ping's Tree Service offers a breadth of landscape services. We specialize in detailed plant care with special attention to plant trimming, fertilization, and disease control, as well as providing quality care and attention to your lawn.

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Do you have a dead or dying tree or a tree that is just in the way? With our team of highly trained personnel and all the necessary equipment, we can handle any tree removal job, large or small. Call today for a free tree removal estimate!

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Tree Service Indianapolis Overview Video

Trees in urban and suburban communities are often growing near homes or other high value amenities. Removing these trees can be very challenging. Ping’s Tree Service specializes in tree removals and excels at performing difficult removals that require highly trained personnel and specialized equipment.