It’s Time for a Spring Yard Clean-Up

We’ve been waiting for it since last November and this year we thought it would never come. But finally, spring has arrived in central Indiana. Now that spring is here, it is time to get to work. As winter clears out, it’s easy to see that there is much to be done. Here is a list of spring yard clean-up tasks to get you started.

Clear Lawn Debris

Winter weather tends to make a mess in your yard. Snow, wind, and ice can be hard on your trees, bringing down small twigs, larger branches, and sometimes even whole trees. In addition, leaves and trash may have been blown into your yard and will need to be taken care of. Whether you have a small mess or a big one, Ping’s can come take care of it for you. Even cleaning up a large tree is no problem for us.

Clean Out Landscape Beds

Likewise, your landscape beds may have collected the same types of debris over the winter. Beds may also have dead leaves, flowers, and stems that were not removed in the fall. This can be a big job if you have multiple landscape beds. Or delegate the work to Ping’s Landscape division. We will quickly clean out the old and get your beds ready for new spring plantings.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Once new leaves appear on trees and shrubs, you might notice that they look a little shaggy. In this case, they could probably use a trim. Ping’s has the expertise and equipment to prune trees, improving both health and appearance.

Aerate and Overseed Grass

Problems with your lawn can become apparent in the spring. Ground may be compact or the grass may become sparse or thin. Taking the time to aerate your lawn and overseed it can improve your chances of a lush, green lawn this summer. If you don’t have the time, Ping’s lawn care team can do it for you.

Fertilize Lawn

Great looking lawns don’t just happen. Spring is a good time to start fertilizing your lawn and getting it ready for a healthy growing season. This helps your grass recover from the harsh winter weather and get ready for the hot days of summer. Again, Ping’s can do this for you. We actually have a 6-step program that provides lawn treatments at just the right time.

Apply Mulch

For many homeowners, spring means that it’s time to apply mulch. This is a helpful practice, which conserves water and reduces both run-off and weeds. It is important that mulch application be done correctly since too much mulch can be harmful to trees and plants. Aren’t sure how to apply mulch? See our blog for some tips or better yet, let Ping’s do it for you.

Spring’s to-do list can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be. Let Ping’s help you out. We provide all these services for commercial as well as residential customers. Call us today at 317-298-8482 and let us know how we can get your property cleaned up and ready for spring.

Elements of a Beautiful Landscape Bed

landscape bedDriving through local neighborhoods gives you a chance to observe some beautiful landscaping. This might get you thinking about adding some landscaping to your yard. Before you start planting, you should give some thought to the elements that are commonly used in landscape beds and how you will incorporate them into your bed. Keep reading for a summary of the typical components of a landscape bed.

Small Trees or Shrubs

In planning a landscape bed, you should think first about the larger, more permanent elements of the bed. These give the bed a structure around which you can plan other elements. A small tree or shrub is often a good option. Just make sure you choose this element carefully because it is not as easy to change it out as other elements. Dogwoods, magnolias, and redbuds are flowering trees that can work in landscape beds, especially if you choose a miniature variety. If you’d rather stick with shrubs, boxwoods, barberries, hollies, and hydrangeas are just a few attractive alternatives.


Some vines do not belong in your flower bed (think poison ivy!), but other less irritating vines are a great way to add some height and color to an ordinary landscape. Clematis are a popular vine whose pretty large blooms will last for weeks or even months. Sweet peas and morning glories are two other colorful options. Any of these can be trained to a trellis within the bed. English ivy is a good choice to add more green color to your backdrop, especially if the bed backs up to a building or house.

Perennial Plants

The heart of any landscape bed is found in its perennial plants. These hardy plants come back year after year, often even multiplying to cover more space and produce more flowers. Shasta daisies, coneflowers, phlox, and black-eyed susans are just a few of the perennial plants that thrive in central Indiana. Once they are established, they will continue to grow and multiply in nearly any condition.


Similar to perennials, bulbs also come back year after year. However, they usually bloom for a relatively short period of time, adding a burst of color for a few weeks. Crocuses are some of the earliest bulbs to bloom and may even appear before the snow melts. For early spring color, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths can’t be beat. Later in the summer, irises, allium, and lilies will add interest.

Annual Plants

As you plan your garden bed, be sure to leave some space for annuals. These plants are not hardy enough to survive the cold Indiana winters so they must be planted every year after the last frost of the year. You can buy small plants or even plant some varieties from seed. Some annuals commonly planted in local gardens are petunias, impatiens, marigolds, zinnias, and bachelor buttons.

Nonplant Elements

While plants will be the main component in a landscape bed, inanimate objects have a place too.  Many landscapers like to accent with birdbaths, benches, or rocks. Some even choose to express their own personality with a piece of outdoor art.  These objects will provide some year-round consistency as flowers bloom and fade with the seasons.

Creating a landscape bed is an exciting and rewarding project. When done right, it can bring you joy for many years and add value to your residential or commercial property. At Ping’s, we have the expertise and experience to create a landscape bed at your home or business that optimally combines the design elements and your own personal style. Call 317-298-8482 today to talk to our landscaping unit about how we can implement your landscaping project without the effort and stress of doing it yourself.


Flowering Trees Add Beauty to Your Yard

flowering treesAfter a long winter of monochromatic dullness, spring bursts onto the scene with a palate of beautiful colors. Tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are among the first bearers of spring color. Flowering trees also adds color to your yard during the spring and summer. Keep reading to learn more about these pretty trees and the care that they require.

Flowering Trees for Central Indiana

If you want to add color to your landscape, flowering trees are a good way to do it. There are a variety of flowering trees in different colors and of different sizes and shapes. Each tree offers a different type of flower so you’ll want to view them in full bloom to pick just the right one. Some good choices for flowering trees in Indiana include:

  • Tuliptree – A large tree reaching as tall as 150 feet tall, the tuliptree produces yellowish green blooms from May through mid-June.
  • Dogwood – With blooms of white or pink that appear in the spring, dogwoods reach heights of 20 feet.
  • Crabapple – Spring-flowering crabapples are available in a variety of colors but also produce messy fruit later in the year.
  • Flowering Cherry – There are several varieties of flowering cherry trees (with a range of sizes and a variety of colors) that do well in Indiana.
  • Lilac – One of the first trees to bloom in the spring, lilacs bring both color and fragrance to your yard.
  • Viburnum (Blackhaw) – Viburnum trees grow to about 15 feet tall and shows off its clusters of white flowers in early May.

Special Care for Flowering Trees

Caring for flowering trees is not much different than caring for other trees. Many of the same principles apply. However, ignoring the necessary tree care tasks may have more visible results in flowering trees. Failure to provide adequate water and fertilizer to flowering trees may lead to a decrease in flowers. One area of tree care that is different for flowering trees is pruning. Because flowers set in the fall for spring-flowering trees, pruning should be done immediately after bloom in the spring. Summer-blooming trees, on the other hand, can be pruned in the late winter or very early spring.

If you are thinking of planting a flowering tree, Ping’s can help. Our arborists can help you choose a good tree for the conditions in your yard. We also understand the best techniques for planting a tree as well as caring for the trees you have. Protect the beauty that flowering trees bring to your yard with top-notch care from Ping’s.

Ping’s Is Now Offering Indianapolis Landscape Services

For over 40 years, Ping’s has been providing expert tree care for central Indiana homeowners and property owners.  Our knowledgeable arborists and experienced technicians have been keeping your trees healthy and taking care of your big and small tree problems.  Now we are branching out!  Our new landscape division will bring the same level of expertise and quality to your lawn and landscape projects.  As we embark on this new venture, we will be offering outstanding Indianapolis landscape services such as the following.

Lawn Care

For many of us, most of our residential landscape or commercial landscape needs revolve around lawn care.  You probably want your lawn to be healthy and green, regardless of the weather.  Yet you know that lush, beautiful lawns do not happen without care.  Lawns demand a lot of attention.  They require frequent mowing, periodic fertilization and weed control, and general maintenance.  Ping’s offers all this to our lawn care customers.

Our 6-step lawn care program addresses the basic fertilization and weed control needs of lawns on a seasonal basis.  You can rely on us to provide the right applications at the right time using the right method.  Additional services from Ping’s include aeration, overseeding, and pest control.  We will keep your lawn or grass on your commercial property looking healthy and well cared for.  Our team can even perform the ongoing tasks of mowing and edging for commercial properties, condos, or HOA common areas.

Landscape Beds

While your lawn is a major part of your outdoor space, often the smaller landscape beds capture more attention.  Ping’s can take care of your landscaped areas.  Our comprehensive offerings include everything from design to maintenance.  We can help you add color and beauty to your yard or your commercial property with landscape design.  Once you have a vision, our team will handle the construction, renovation, and planting.

Beyond the creation of new landscape elements, we can also help you take care of the landscaping you already have.  Ping’s will evaluate your property’s climate, soil, and drainage conditions and help you choose the right plants.  We can get your beds cleaned up and ready in the spring.  Through the summer, we provide regular maintenance services such as weeding, dead-heading, and pruning.  When the weather turns colder, we will clear your beds of fall debris and apply protective coverings to roses and shrubs.  Our seasonal flower bed program lets you keep flowers on your commercial property or at your home always looking fresh.  With this program, we will switch out the vegetation in your beds periodically as the seasons progress.  We’ll keep your flowers and plants looking beautiful in every season.

Outdoor Upkeep

Keeping your entire outdoor area looking great is not easy.  It takes a lot of work.  Ping’s can assist you with every facet of outdoor upkeep.  We offer spring and fall clean-up services.  In addition, we can apply mulch to your trees, shrubs, and flower beds.  Of course, we also remain dedicated to providing excellent tree care service.  We will continue to offer expert care for your trees, including planting, fertilization, pruning, and treatment of diseases or deficiencies.  Ping’s can also remove any dead, diseased, or damaged trees or branches.  There is no tree problem that is too difficult for Ping’s!

Ping’s has the expertise and the resources to take care of your outdoor areas.  Whether you are responsible for commercial property, common areas of a neighborhood, or simply your own home, you can rely on us.  Our flexible tree care, lawn care, and landscape services will cover all your needs.  To learn more, call us at 317-298-8482 or schedule a consultation online.

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