The Right Tree Removal Equipment Is Essential – Ping’s Has It!

tree removal equipmentTree removal is no easy task. It is dangerous, complicated work, which is why most homeowners prefer to hire professionals to do it rather than doing it themselves. Tree care professionals have the required skills and expertise that enable them to accomplish removal of trees safely and without incident. But in addition to skill, tree removals, especially large or complicated removals, also require the right equipment. Ping’s Tree Service has a fleet of tree removal equipment which enables them to handle any tree removal, tree care, or tree emergency.

Providing Necessary Access

If all tree work could be done from the ground, things would be far less complicated. But in truth, pruning, trimming, and tree removals demand that workers get strategic access to branches that are far off the ground. Taking down a large tree cannot be done without the right equipment. Ping’s has an aerial lift device that can reach up to 90 feet above the ground. With the help of this reliable equipment, we can say that there is no tree removal that is too large for us to handle.

Getting Into Tight Spaces

In some tree situations, it is not elevation that proves to be the biggest problem, but rather the ability to breech a barrier. Like the fence that surrounds your backyard. Yes, fences can be very helpful for keeping kids in and wild animals out, but if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed behind that fence, you’ve got a problem. That’s because there’s no way that you can get traditional tree equipment past that fence. However, it’s no problem for Ping’s. We have several pieces of equipment that can fold up to fit through a small opening, including a trac crane that will go through a 54-inch opening, a 90-foot trac lift that can go through a 44-inch opening, and 3 72-foot trac lifts that will go through a mere 36-inch opening. These kinds of equipment enable us to get to any problem tree without causing a big problem in your yard.

Having Just the Right Equipment

Every tree is unique and likewise every tree care problem can demand a unique solution.  Tree work varies from job to job and each job requires just the right equipment. At Ping’s, we have a whole fleet of trucks, cranes, and other equipment that we keep well-maintained and updated with new pieces as needed. Having the right piece for the right job means that we can work safely and efficiently. For example, we recently added a 38-ton crane that gives us incredible capacity for even tricky tree removals. Our tracked aerial devices sometimes even allow us to prune or remove trees without climbing in certain dangerous situations or with difficult to reach trees.

With the necessary equipment and years of experience, Ping’s can be trusted with your tree problem, no matter how big or complex. Call us today at 317-298-8482 to schedule an appointment or anytime, day or night, that you experience a tree emergency.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful and beneficial part of the world around us. Many homeowners appreciate their trees and do all they can to keep them healthy.  Likewise, Ping’s is dedicated to providing preventative and remedial tree care.  However, in spite of the most determined efforts, there are cases where trees should be removed.  This blog explains some of the most common circumstances that require tree removal.

Dead Trees

Every homeowner or commercial property manager hates to see a tree die.  The sad fact is that sometimes trees do die.  Once a tree has died, there is nothing more to do…except take it down.  Removal is necessary because a dead tree will slowly lose strength.  As the tree weakens, it loses its ability to withstand the assault of storms or extra weight.  Snow, ice, storms, and winds can break off branches or bring down a dead tree.  The fall of a dead tree or even a branch can cause extensive damage to nearby houses, cars, or even people.  Dead trees represent a tremendous potential liability and should be removed as soon as reasonably possible.

Diseased Trees

One major cause of tree death is disease.  Sometimes you may not know that a tree has been infected until irreversible damage has already occurred.  In recent years, central Indiana has seen a devastating infestation of the emerald ash borer.  Many ash trees have died due to this pest.  If you have a tree that is diseased, it is important to have it evaluated quickly so that it can be treated before it’s too late.  Immediate removal of a tree that is beyond help is often best.  Not only will this avoid the eventual weakening that will follow as the tree dies, but it also better prevents the spread of the disease to other trees.  If you see signs of disease in your tree, Ping’s can examine it and recommend action.

Damaged Trees

Unfortunately, sometimes healthy trees experience unavoidable damage.  Severe weather (both thunderstorms and winter storms) has the potential to damage trees.  In particular, lightning can cause harm in a flash.   Trees are often mortally injured by a lightning strike.  Yet it may take the tree years to show the extent of damage.  Other sources of damage are animals or accidental contact with a vehicle or other solid object.  Again, you need to evaluate the situation to see if the tree can recover.  Ping’s can help you make an informed decision about your damaged tree.

Encroaching Trees

Trees are alive and growing, which means that their effects on their surroundings can change.  At the time of planting, a tree may enjoy a good location.  However, trees grow and new structures are built around trees.  Roots of nearby trees can disturb the foundation of a house or building.  In addition, growing branches may get in the way of power lines or other utilities.  Less critically, trees may grow to obscure a favorite view.  Trees that cause these kinds of problems are often removed.

Annoying Trees

Not all trees are equally beloved.  Some healthy trees are a nuisance.  They may shed annoying seeds or fruit.  Some trees have wood that is naturally weak and more likely to break.  At times, there may just be a personal preference against a certain type of tree.  In other instances, you may just desire to use the land occupied by a tree for another purpose.   In the case of an annoying tree, removal is completely elective.  You can do it in your timing or decide it isn’t worth the trouble and leave it alone.

Some reasons for tree removal require immediate action (like an uprooted tree resting on your roof).  Other circumstances are less urgent and allow a wait-and-see approach.  Whatever your reason, when you decide you need (or want) to remove a tree, you can trust Ping’s to do the job.  We have amazing equipment and years of experience.  For us, no tree removal is too big or too complicated.  On the other hand, tree removal can be extremely difficult and dangerous for someone without the right equipment or technical expertise.  It is better to leave it to the experts at Ping’s.  In emergency situations, we even offer 24/7 service.  For non-emergency situations, call 317-298-8482 today to schedule your tree removal and avoid a future emergency.

The Backyard Bucket: The Right Tool for Backyard Tree Problems

backyard bucket

This Backyard Bucket fits through a 45-inch opening.

Have you ever had a problem that seemed unsolvable?  Big or small, these kinds of problems take our attention and sometimes require a lot of extra work.  But having just the right tool can make all the difference in the world.  Opening a can without a can opener can be difficult and messy.  With one, it’s a cinch.

Since Ping’s specializes in taking care of trees, we have a few tree-related tools at our disposal.  These valuable tools often make things easier on us and you.  One tool that really allows us to minimize the efforts of homeowners to get ready for us is the backyard bucket.  This cleverly designed piece of equipment combines the capability of some of our larger trucks with the ability to access tight spaces.  We have two backyard buckets. One can fit through a 45-inch opening; the other through an opening just 36 inches!

Just imagine that you have a beautiful oak tree in your backyard.  It’s always been a part of your landscape since you bought the house; in fact, it’s probably been there for a hundred years or more.  Then one night a line of thunderstorms blows through your area (as they are prone to do in central Indiana).  Suddenly a bolt of lightning rips through the dark sky and strikes your stately oak.  In the morning, you sadly survey the results of the storm and see that the tree sustained a direct hit and is now split down its center.  You consult with an arborist and learn that your tree is beyond repair.  It will slowly die and as it dies it will become more vulnerable to further damage.  To avoid damage to your home and the homes of your neighbors, it is best to take it down.

Besides the fact that you hate to lose your tree, you now have another problem.  A section of that new wooden fence that you put in last year will have to come down so that the necessary equipment can be brought to the tree.  However, with the backyard bucket this becomes unnecessary.  Although it is a tight fit, the backyard bucket can squeeze through a space of a mere 36 inches.  Yet it still has the capacity to handle big jobs.  It is also a valuable tool to use in a crowded space where the room needed for traditional tree equipment is not available.

For hard-to-reach trees that need tree care or tree removal in Marion County or the surrounding counties, check with us.  We will take a look and give you a free estimate.  Chances are we will have just the right tools to minimize your inconvenience and solve your tree problem!

Emergency Tree Service

emergency serviceIndianapolis may not be in tornado alley, but we do experience our fair share of large summer storms.  Most of the time, these storms have heavy winds and rain that can wreak havoc on our trees and shrubs and may require emergency service.  It’s not uncommon for trees to lose many limbs, have lead branches break, or even have an entire tree uproot and crash down on a structure.

So, what should you do if a tree falls on your home?  That’s the exact question one of our customers asked himself after the last big storm.  Standing in his front yard, looking up at the massive tree that crashed through the side of his house, he was completely at a loss of what to do next.  Of course, he made sure everyone was safe, called 911, and then called his insurance company.  Their advice was to get the tree off the house immediately.  But how do you do that in the middle of the night?  The insurance agent suggested to call a company with Emergency Tree Service.

Our customer, who was unaware tree service companies even offered emergency services, was relieved he could get immediate help.  Not all tree service companies offer emergency service to residential and commercial properties, but Ping’s Tree Service does.  We work around the clock to handle any emergency tree service needed.  Our crews are on standby during every storm and are ready to help.  We have all the equipment to get your tree down quickly and safely, including a large crane to remove even the most massive tree in our service area.  So next time a storm blows through the Indianapolis area, don’t panic.  Simply call our office at 317-298-8482.  We’re here to help you make sure your property is once again safe after experiencing storm damage.

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