Commercial Tree Pruning

Commercial Tree Pruning

indianapolis_tree_pruningNo matter what type or size a tree may be, pruning is essential for the health of the tree as well as for its external appeal. Commercial tree pruning is an investment in the future health and beauty of your trees. Having the trees pruned regularly by experts who know how to prune properly will ensure that the trees on your commercial property will continue to thrive and grow. We offer regularly scheduled commercial tree pruning, tree shaping and crown reduction, crown thinning, cable bracing, and dead wooding (removing dead limbs). Call or email us today for a free estimate on the cost of pruning your tree.

Tree Shaping, Crown Reduction, and Crown Thinning

It is important that the trees on your commercial property look neat and well cared for. If you have a tree that has grown too tall or is too broad or bushy, Ping’s Tree Service provides the tree trimming services that you need, including crown reduction and crown thinning.

Crown reduction will decrease the overall size of a tree’s canopy by removing up to one fourth of each branch’s foliage. This may be done to restore a blocked view or to protect the tree from too much weight on the branches.

Crown thinning is performed to significantly reduce the weight in the crown of the tree. Branches are carefully selected for removal in order to allow more sunlight and air to flow through the tree.

When you trust the experts at Ping’s to handle needed tree shaping, you can be sure it will be done safely, professionally, and to the benefit of your tree’s overall health.

Cable Bracing

If you have a tree on your commercial property that has been damaged or is at risk of falling, it is imperative that it is taken care of promptly. The liability and risk of personal and property loss require that something be done to protect not only the tree but also the people and property in the surrounding area.

Cable Bracing is a system of supplemental structures which support multiple stemmed trees and weak branches, securing the tree against future storms and enabling it to grow properly without the risk of losing vital stems. Ping’s Tree Service has trained technicians who will install cable bracing while taking care to protect the well-being of the tree.

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