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emergency tree serviceWhen storms hit and your trees are damaged by bad weather, we are ready to respond with emergency tree service. Ping’s Tree Service can assist right away with the aftermath of trees damaged by storms, wind, ice, lightning, tornadoes, straight-line winds, and more.

Nature can deliver quite a punch to your trees and landscaping.  Lightning can split a tree in an instant.  High winds can break tree limbs or even cause trees to uproot.  Ice build-up can cause sturdy limbs to collapse under increasing weight.  Tornadoes can wreak all kinds of destruction.  Ping’s Tree Service anticipates these kinds of damage, and we are prepared for a spike in phone calls right after wind storms, thunderstorms, and ice storms.  We will quickly and efficiently clean up nature’s mess for you.

Remember, like a mechanic that recommends preventative maintenance to a vehicle as the least expensive way to care for it, preventative tree trimming and tree service works the same way. There are preventative steps that can be taken to reduce tree damage in anticipation of storms or winds.  If you are able to have your trees removed or trimmed prior to a storm, you can reduce the chances of suffering expensive damage from future falling limbs.

However, when storms hit and cause damage to your trees, remember to call Ping’s Tree Service at 317-298-8482. We will be there for you in your time of emergency.

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