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Ping’s tree and landscape services are performed by educated, trained, and uniformed personnel. Our team can create a customized maintenance schedule specifically designed to meet the demands of your property and landscape investment. Managers and supervisors oversee each project to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Our landscaping services include:

Lawn Mowing, Edging, and Maintenance Services

Beautiful landscapes don’t just happen. They require a team of horticultural experts to make sure they’re maintained and thriving throughout the seasons. That’s the job of the Ping’s team. Maintenance services are performed by educated and trained personnel that will create a customized maintenance schedule specifically designed for the needs of your landscape.

Landscape Fertilizer and Herbicide

We take weed control, fertilization, and lawn care seriously. We provide a wide range of treatments to tackle the weeds common to Indiana lawns and apply fertilizer necessary to give your lawn and landscape the feeding it needs. Additionally, we can provide pest control, grub control, and crabgrass control.

Turf Aeration

Mechanical aeration is one of the most preventative maintenance services you can do to insure a healthy green lawn. We can perform turf aeration and keep your grass healthy and growing.


Mulch has a variety of functions which all are beneficial for your landscape and trees. Mulch helps to preserve moisture in the soil, discourage the growth of weeds, keep the soil cool, and increase richness of the soil. We can assist you with all of your mulching needs.

Seasonal Flower Programs

We will enhance and renovate your landscape on a regular basis. Our landscape renovation and enhancement programs encompass an artistic design. We provide solutions that take climate, soil type, and drainage conditions into account. This ensures the survival of enhancement and flower installations.

Tree Care and Shrub Fertilization

Tree care is our specialty; it’s in our roots. We can care for the health, safety, and beauty of your trees. We take great pride in our work and offer only the best service available, using only the best tree care equipment, tailored to fit the demanding needs of individual projects.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree that will thrive depends on the landscape, the climate, and your purpose for planting the tree. Our certified arborists provide expertise to make sure you are planting the right tree in the right place.

Landscape Design, Construction, and Renovation

Great landscapes begin with great landscape design. Our designers work with you to develop a vision for your property that reflects your style. More importantly, it’s our goal to ensure your design can be brought to life within your budget.

Fall Leaf Removal Spring Clean-up

We offer leaf collection, pickup, and removal services. We strive to provide the highest level of service and client satisfaction by keeping up on the leaves throughout the fall.

Bed Care

We provide individualized flower bed care specific for your residential property or commercial business. Your greenspace will be sculpted into your very own unique garden based on your preferences. Flower bed maintenance will ensure that the uniqueness, style, and theme is emphasized. Our maintenance services include spring flower-bed cleanup and debris removal, weeding and cultivating, dead-heading and pruning, fall flower-bed cleanup and debris removal, and winterizing by applying rose covers and wrapping shrubs.

Snow Removal

We utilize a variety of snow removal equipment, tailored to fit the demanding needs of individual sites. Large or small, with 24-hour on-call service, radio dispatch trucks, documentation of services, and dedicated routes, we are much more than just a truck with a plow.

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