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indianapolis_tree_careYour home would not be the same without the lovely trees in your yard. Ping’s Tree Service understands the importance of trees and is dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and strong. We have fully certified arborists and licensed Plant Health Care Technicians who are trained to diagnose and care for your trees, providing treatment for disease, regular maintenance, or other residential tree care as needed.

Our Plant Health Care Program offers full tree care, such as fertilization, deep root feeding, root collar excavation, soil care, and insect and disease management, including treatment for the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. We deliver preventative solutions which promote the fitness of your trees and protect the landscape you love.

Tree/Shrub Fertilization

Urban landscapes can strip soil of vital nutrients normally found in more wooded areas. To keep plants strong and healthy in this kind of an environment, the administration of fertilizer is often necessary. Healthier plants will then be more resistant to damage from disease, insects, and storms. A nutrient-rich soil will also benefit the roots system, strengthening the foundation of your trees and shrubs and increasing the overall vitality of your plants.

Our Plant Health Care technicians can recommend the best type of fertilizer as well as an appropriate schedule for application. Whether your trees need a one-time treatment or a regularly scheduled health care program, our team of experts will provide nourishment to your trees, giving you beautiful, healthy plants that add value to your property.

Root Collar Excavation

The health of your tree begins at the roots.  Girdling roots (roots that cross over the trunk of a tree instead of growing out) can choke and eventually kill your seemingly healthy tree.  A trained arborist can diagnose this problem and recommend the proper root treatment to remove the offending roots and allow the tree to properly grow.  Our plant health care technicians use an air spade to visually see how the root system is affecting the tree.  The air spade uses compressed air to carefully remove the soil from around the base of the tree without damaging fine roots.  After that, the technician can determine the depth and condition of the root flare and remove portions of the root system allowing the tree to grown normally.

Tree Planting and Shrub Planting

Since trees are our business, selection and planting of new trees are additional tree care services we offer.  Not sure what kind of tree to plant?  Our certified arborists can help.  We make suggestions based on landscape, soil needs, growth rates, local climate and all other aspects important to consider when choosing a tree.  Give us a call today and talk to one of our tree specialists.


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