Residential Tree Pruning

Residential Tree Pruning

indianapolis_tree_pruningTrees of all different types and sizes need pruning to maintain health as well as external appeal. Why should you entrust this important task of residential tree pruning to a professional instead of undertaking it yourself?

First of all, because pruning a tree, particularly a large tree, can be very dangerous. Many times residential tree pruning requires climbing high into the tree to access the affected branches. Climbing a tree and carrying a chainsaw at the same time is an extremely perilous task. These types of high-risk jobs should be left to trained professionals.

Beyond just the obvious safety concerns, it is important to remember that the benefits of residential tree pruning are significantly dependent on the use of correct pruning practices and techniques. When the robust knowledge of our tree specialists is applied to the pruning process, your trees are pruned in a way that encourages continued growth and beauty.

We offer tree pruning, tree shaping and crown reduction, crown thinning, cable bracing, and dead wooding (removing dead limbs). Ping’s also provides pruning for ornamental flowering trees and fruit trees in order to stimulate flower and fruit production. Call or email us today for a free estimate on the cost of pruning your tree.

Tree Shaping, Crown Reduction, and Crown Thinning

Sometimes nature needs a little help in getting the shape and height of a tree just right. If you have a tree that has become too wide, too thick, or too tall, Ping’s Tree Service provides the tree trimming services that you need, including crown reduction and crown thinning.

Crown reduction is performed to reduce the overall size of a tree’s canopy by removing up to one fourth of each branch’s foliage. This may be done to restore a blocked view or to protect the tree from too much weight on the branches.

Crown thinning is performed to significantly reduce the weight in the crown of the tree. We carefully select branches for removal in order to allow more sunlight and air to flow through the tree to stimulate and maintain interior foliage.

The expert staff at Ping’s will ensure that these tree-shaping services are done safely, professionally, and to the benefit of your tree’s overall health.

Cable Bracing

A falling tree or branch can cause devastating personal and property damage. Cable Bracing is an effective means of preventing such loss by supporting trees that have been damaged by storms or are at risk of falling. These supplemental structures support multiple stemmed trees and weak branches, securing the tree against future storms and enabling it to grow properly without the risk of losing vital stems. The trained staff at Ping’s Tree Service understands the proper way to install cable bracing while taking care to protect the well-being of the tree.

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